We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions from past applicants. For further questions please feel free to contact us!


Online orientation and orientation upon arrival are available to all successful candidates.

Who is offered initial orientation and training?

Online orientation pre-departure and initial orientation and training upon arrival are available to all new Megabrain ALTs.

Who pays for transportation from the airport to the orientation venue/hotel?

You will be picked up from the airport if you are arriving directly to a China airport and transportation to the initial orientation venue/hotel will be paid by Megabraintion. Once there, all future Megabrain-related travel costs, will be paid, or reimbursed, by the company.

Where will I stay during the orientation?

Megabrain will organize and cover the expenses for the accommodations (hotel or similar shared-room type) during the initial orientation and training. Prior to your arrival in China, you will be provided with this information, including thorough directions from the airport to the initial orientation and training venue/hotel or placement location. Should you arrive in China earlier than the date requested, you will be responsible for arranging your own accommodations. Depending on your placement location, you might be invited to attend the orientation and training directly with your branch. We will inform you of this once you have accepted a placement and prior to your arrival.

What is the initial orientation and training program like?

You will be offered a comprehensive initial orientation and training program upon arrival. This will help you learn about Chinese schools, students, and their parents; you will also learn about the company, and to get accustomed to life in China. Sessions include an introduction to the Chinese school system, school activities, and teaching skills as well as how to develop life skills and the social awareness needed to live in China.