Best Halloween Ever

I miss China every day and I often think about the memories I made there. Since tomorrow is Halloween I thought back to one of my favorite Halloween memories. I was teaching in a primary school in Xiaolan Zhongshan and my students were just the cutest! The school asked us to put together a Halloween party so that the kids could get a taste of what American Holidays were like. It can be so fun to introduce holidays to your students so they can see what America is like while you teach them English. We decided to do several stations of Halloween games such as wrap the mummy race (wrapping the students with toilet paper), Musical chairs, donut eating contest, Halloween dance competitions, and our final event was a haunted house.


Our haunted house was a big hit. We made a maze in one of our classrooms and added several spooky decorations. Some kids were very afraid but most of them really loved it. We also were able to do the dance thriller and the whole school loved the performance. It was a TON of work to put it all together, but it was SO much fun! One of my favorite parts of the party was being able to meet all my student's parents and see them interact with their kids. The kids and their parents were so excited for this party and they had so much fun. The kids loved to dress up and get their faces painted. We also had been working on some dances so the kids were able to perform their dances for their parents and the parents loved it. One thing I have really learned while teaching English in China is that performing is HUGE! They love dance performances so Halloween was a great way to help our students learn English in a fun environment. No Halloween will ever top this one. It was so great to see the students hard work pay off and to see them get so involved and excited was the most rewarding!