Qualities of Every Great Teacher

Becoming a teacher can be hard work and not every teacher will earn a teacher of the year award. But we have come up with a few suggestions that will help you know what qualities every teacher should have.

Teachers are Organized and have Meaningful Lessons

Being organized helps us do what we are expected to do, and helps us do it well. Being organized is very important for teachers. You will have to look at your textbook or materials and decide what you will cover in the school year. You will have to make plans to know what to do if your lesson goes over or if it is too short.. You will need to keep records of the student's performance so that you will know what to report to their other teachers or parents. You will also need to be aware of what materials you will need every day. Not only is it important to be organized but it is important to have meaningful lessons. You don't want a lesson to just fill the time but you want to be prepared to have every activity full of purpose. You want the kids to get something out of class. 


Teachers are Patient

A great teacher is patient with students, other teachers and parents who might ask the same question over and over again. If the teacher has patience then the students will be more comfortable to ask questions. Some students comprehension is slower than others. When the teacher has patience towards a slower student, it will influence all the students. The students will be more likely to treat that slower student with patience, just like the teacher. Overall it will create a good atmosphere full of kindness and love. You never want to give up on your students and you will always want to try to help them succeed in learning English. 

Teachers are Flexible and Adaptable

Every school, teacher, and students will be different so it's important to be adaptable. Take every new experience as a learning opportunity. There is always room to improve one's teaching skills. In your teaching career, you will most likely experience all different types of groups. Young learners, teens, or adults. You could have large classes or small classes. Whatever the case may be it's important to adapt. One method of teaching may not be applicable to every class that you teach. You will have to adjust according to the types of classes you teach. The way I taught my kindergartners were different than the way I taught my 2nd graders.Not only do you need to adapt to teaching but also adapting to a new country. Adaptability is critical to living a happy life abroad. You will experience new ways of doing things, different values, food you have never eaten before, and opinions that may be strange to you. It’s important to keep an open mind and try new things. As you do this you will be happier and enjoy your time abroad and enjoy your classes a lot more.

Teachers are Team-players

When you learn to become a good team player, it will increase the satisfaction from teaching.Those who are willing to be a team player will receive career advancements either by the school or other teachers. They will be more likely to refer you to other schools and more teaching opportunities will arise. Being a good team player not only means that you are willing to work with others, but it also means you are open to criticism and can adapt to the environment. Every day you will be working around students, other teachers and parents. You will need to be able to work with all of them. Being able to work with others shows that you are aware of your own faults and that you are willing to change. It shows that you are ready for new perspectives and challenges. Your goal and the school's goal should be to provide a good education to the students. When you are a team player you will be able to reach this goal.

Teachers have Genuine Relationships with Students

 Having a genuine relationship with your students is vital to students succeeding. The better relationship you have with the students, the harder they will work and the faster they will learn English. Think of a teacher who knew and really cared about you. How did this affect your performance and the success you had in the class? When a student feels valued and wanted they will engage in more conversations and activities. This will boost their self-esteem and allow them to develop their English skills quicker. Although it is important to have a good relationship with all your students you need to remember that you are their teacher first and their friend second.  Be loving but also be strict. If you become their friend first it will be hard to control the class and the students will be most likely to walk all over you. 


Teachers Get the Students to Talk

It is not a good trait for an ESL teacher to be talking the whole time. ESL teachers need to love the sound of their student's voices. It is their role to get the students talking constantly. This is the only way the students will succeed. This doesn't mean that you don't talk at all but you should keep your talking to a minimum and encourage your students to communicate with either you or with the other students.

Teachers are Cheerful and Energetic

Have you ever had a teacher with monotone? Did you fall asleep in class? It's obvious to say that when teachers don't have energy and they are not happy, it really affects the classroom. A great teacher will want to engage the students in every activity. The way to do this is to be excited yourself and get the kids pumped up! Even if you are talking about a simple topic like the color blue, you can get the kids excited by the way you feel about the color blue. It may seem strange and childish the first time that you teach with exaggeration of excitement, but you will realize that not only will you have more fun in class but your kids will have more fun too!

It’s impossible to be a perfect teacher so always remember that success only comes after failures. As long as you keep trying and don’t give up you will become a great teacher!

If you’ve read this and feel that you have what it takes to be an awesome teacher then apply now!