Teaching English in China- Justin's Experience

Teaching English in China can impact your life in many ways. It definitely impacted Justin's life. Here he writes about his experience working in Shanghai and how Megabrain has been able to change his career for the better.

"My name is Justin Hsia and I have been teaching English in China for just over 5 years.  I am a born and raised Canadian with a Chinese ethnic background.  I have spent most of my time teaching in Shanghai and can assuredly say that teaching in Shanghai exceeded my expectations.  The amount of insights and opportunities that I gained from this amazing experience was well worth the risk of coming over here from Canada.
 When I first arrived in Shanghai for a teaching position I didn’t think past my 2-year contract nor could I have imagined that in only a couple years’ time my career would redirect towards education.  The opportunity with Megabrain has given me a stronger and more solidified career path that typically teaching freelance in China could have.  I have now been given the opportunities to really teach and influence children with a stronger focus on content and outreach.


 Landing myself in China was frightening at first. I didn't know the culture and I didn't have many friends upon arrival. But I was amazed at the wonders of Shanghai. You immerse yourself in a multicultural city meeting people from all over the world, something not too many of us find ourselves getting the chance to do. 

 Throughout the 5 years of teaching in China, I began to notice the differences in education systems from the West to the East.  These differences got me thinking of how to improve teaching styles that may benefit the children more.  How Megabrain changed these thoughts into realization is what propelled my eagerness and passion for teaching.  Making the difference is where all educators want to stand, and this last year has truly been amazing.

 The modern style that brain-based education brings to learning centers and educational institutions is changing the way of learning, teaching students to learn how to learn by opening up the brain to absorb information in more efficient ways has created groundbreaking results in many of our cooperative facilities.  The enthusiasm for parents to learn this new education style and the excitement from the students while enrolled in these programs really brings together my whole vision of education and learning."