Why teach English in China? 5 reasons to take the leap.

Are you thinking about teaching abroad in China? It can be difficult to take that leap but we want to reassure that that leap will be the best decision of your life! Here are 5 reasons why you should take the leap today:


#1 Learn to be independent and have Personal Development

Living abroad will really push you out of your comfort zone in a good way. It gives you more confidence as it forces you to face many difficult challenges. You will realize that you are capable of doing things you never thought were possible like; meeting new people, getting lost, trying all sorts of weird food, but the feeling of overcoming each one will always be rewarding. Your mind will open to other ways of living. You will see parts of the world that you have studied for years, and be able to learn so much more than from reading about these places from a text book.


#2 Build friendships

If you like to connect with people, China is the place to go! While in China you will meet the most amazing people. The Chinese are so kind and so humble. They will want to make friends with you. They are the friendliest people around. You will generally stand out in China if you are a foreigner and that in itself will attract people to you. You might get total strangers that want to take pictures with you or add you on facebook. There are just so many ways to be connected to people and living abroad is one of the best ways to build friendships. You will come to see that even though your home may be thousands of miles away, you will feel at home.



#3 Affordability (get rid of the debts)


Sadly, teachers in the US do not get paid as much as they deserve so it can be hard sometimes to have a comfortable living situation. This is why teaching English in China is great! Because you will find that foreign teachers get paid very well. It may seem lower than the salary you would get in America but the big difference you will find is in living expenses. It is so cheap to live in China. Housing is a third cheaper than housing in America. Transportation is also very cheap. And then you have the food. These days a typical meal in America would run from $10-$12, well in China your meals are about $2-$4. Putting all these factors in place, you will realize that you save so much money! In addition, US residents and citizens living and working outside the U.S. may be entitled to a foreign earned income exclusion that reduces taxable income. For 2016, the maximum exclusion is $101,300 per taxpayer. In addition, the taxpayer may exclude housing expenses in excess of 16% of this maximum ($44.19 per day in 2015) but with limits.  In the end, you will come out with more income and will be able to get rid of a lot of debts. It's a great chance to get a good start in life or to get back on track.



#4 Looks good on your resume

Many Employers when looking at a resume are looking for what makes you different and how you could help build up their company. Teaching English in China will help fulfill these two things. Teaching English in China is a great opportunity that not only gives you teaching experience but gives you living abroad experience. No matter what your career path is, the skills that you gain while teaching in China will apply. Here are a few skills listed:

·         Leadership

·         Cultural awareness

·         Problem solving

·         Ability to work with people

·         Organization and planning

These skills not only help you become a stronger employee but they also help you become a stronger person. The skills that you gain will help you in every aspect of your life.


#5 Some of the best places to travel around in the world

China is one of the oldest, unique cultures in the world. You can't miss seeing this gem.

There is so much to see in China from paradise on the beach at Sanya to the rustic magic of the terracotta warriors. Not only will your city have its own Chinese charm but you will have plenty of time to see the magical wonders of China. While traveling you will see things you could never imagine! My personal favorite place was Yangshuo and Guilin. It's impossible to describe the beauty of the mountains there. China is also so big and each area is very different. While traveling in China you will be able to Experience the rich and diverse cultures that China has to offer.

Amazing view in Yangshuo

Amazing view in Yangshuo

So...run and don't stop! Apply today and start your adventure as an English teacher in China!