We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions from past applicants. For further questions please feel free to contact us!


I have completed my online application – now what happens?

If you pass the initial application screening, a recruiter will contact you for a video interview screening to find out more about you and ask some questions regarding your work history, education, and interest in working and living in China. If the recruiter feels you have potential, you will be invited to the next stages that will include an information session. In the final stage, the files of recommended candidates will be evaluated by Megabrain’s Global Resource Management Department in Shanghai, who will make the final decision as to whether or not to offer employment.

Does Megabrain require a criminal background check?

Yes, Megabrain will require a criminal background check. Failure to pass the check may affect the ability to get a visa.

What documents will I need to provide to Megabrain so they can sponsor my visa?

We will be providing you with a copy of the list once you have successfully passed the interview stages.

In addition, if you do not have a passport, we recommend you apply for one immediately and have it expedited (processed as quickly as possible). Passport processing times are unpredictable, and we do not want a delayed passport being the reason you cannot go to China.

Should I provide references?

Megabrain requires two references before you can be considered for a position. We recommend that you provide the email addresses and phone numbers of three or more references in case one is not able to respond in a timely manner. We usually begin contacting your references after you pass the phone interview. Please inform your references that we will be contacting them and check that they are able to give a reference.

Some companies are willing to confirm dates of employment but will not give an actual reference. In such cases you will need to provide an alternative reference. Checking with the person or organization beforehand will ensure you do not encounter this situation.

Your references need to be someone with a supervisory position over you. This would include a supervisor or manager, a professor, or the leader of a volunteer group. We prefer that work references are from someone you work or worked under directly. Often, an immediate supervisor is better than a manager with whom you have or had little contact. For professors or teachers, please choose someone who has worked with you recently or has worked with you enough to be able to give us sufficient information. If you have teaching experience, especially if you have taught abroad, a reference from the school(s) you taught at is highly recommended.

What happens at the face-to-face interview?

If you are invited to a face-to-face interview and information session, please plan to set aside the entire day for the day’s activities. In the morning, an information session will be presented. You will learn about Megabrain, life in China, and the duties and expectations of Megabrain ALTs and discuss details regarding salary, insurance, housing, and other concerns. At some time during the day’s events, you will take a short grammar test, perform a demonstration lesson, and need to turn in any outstanding documents. In the afternoon, individual interviews will be conducted. Each interview is about 30 minutes long.

How long before I find out if I have been hired?

Assuming at least two references have replied and we receive all of your documents, the Global Resource Management Department at Megabrain’s Head Office in Shanghai will notify you within one month of your file arriving in China. This may take longer over the Chinese New Year (usually falls on the last week of January or first week of February), New Year, Chinese National Day (first week of October) and Golden Week (first week of May) holiday periods.

Please note that we cannot process your application or determine if you are a successful candidate until we have received all of the required documentation.

Where are the positions located?

Many of the positions available to overseas hires (candidates not within China) are in rural areas. Many of these positions will require driving. Though we will happily consider any location preferences you may have, Megabrain is more likely to entertain the application of a candidate who is willing to take any placement and is willing to live in tier-2 or tier-3 cities (comfortable accommodation will be provided). To ensure a smooth placement, we highly recommend that you are flexible with your location preference, meaning you are open to living in most if not all prefectures and accepting a rural assignment. There are times when Megabrain will not have an opening in an area or type of area where you have expressed a preference; in this case, we will offer a suitable alternative. Positions in urban areas like Shanghai, Beijing, or Guangzhou are available but very competitive.

When will I know about my actual placement?

One of the biggest sources of frustration for both successful candidates and Megabrain is that the selected organization of placement in each potential location can be very slow in confirming its requirements. The Global Resource Management Department at Megabrain’s Head Office in Shanghai works hard to get your offer of employment to you in a timely manner, but you may not hear about your placement (the location where you will be teaching) until one month or less before your actual planned departure date. This is another reason we ask you to be flexible with your location preference.

What health insurance is available?

You are required by law to enroll in a health insurance plan recognized by the Chinese government. All new Megabrain ALTs will be able to enroll in the l Health Insurance (_HI) system. We will provide the basic required insurance but you may add certain premium to the package. We suggest the the basic will do. More details regarding insurance will be given at the information session.