We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions from past applicants. For further questions please feel free to contact us!


What is the dress standard?

China is a very conservative country! Megabrain ALTs must wear business attire during initial orientation and training, on all teaching assignments, or when visiting the office. Clothing standards in China are conservative and professional.

For men, a dress shirt, tie, and business-style pants are required. During the interview, men should have short hair and no facial hair if they wish to be considered for a position.

For women, smart, professional attire, which includes skirts below the knees or business-style suits, is required on all Megabrain-related business. Tattoos in China are associated with persons involved in organized crime, and are definitely not in line with the image and expectations of a teacher. Living and working in China may prove to be a significant challenge if you have tattoos as you will be required to keep them well covered at all times. Non-traditional piercings should be removed. Standard hair colors and conservative cuts are recommended.

When can I start working as an ALT in China?

We offer two main start times. About 75% of new positions commence to coincide with the start of the Chinese school year in September. The other main start time is April/May.

We do have a smaller number of internship, or shorter term positions in other months to fill off-season and unexpected openings. Candidates interested in these positions must be willing to leave on short notice, take whatever position becomes available.

When will I begin teaching?

Teaching assignments usually start approximately five to ten days after arriving in China and after the initial orientation and training is completed.

What kind of schools can I teach at?

Megabrain ALTs work in kindergartens. Most ALT assignments include a combination of centers and kindergartens. In certain circumstances, you may have the opportunity to teach at an elementary school. Some Megabrain ALTs will also teach at special needs schools or work with special needs students.

Please note that there are a limited number of high school placements available. Candidates interested in a high school placement will need to be extremely flexible with location and be prepared to teach at another school level if no high school placements are available.

Where will I live?

Generally, Megabrain ALTs are provided with company living quarters (shared apartments with other teachers). Megabrain thoroughly assists you in getting your personal amenities and introduce you to local supermarkets/grocery stores. Internet access will be provided in the apartments.

How will I travel to my schools?

Megabrain ALTs travel to school by local transportation system such as subways, buses, and sometimes taxi’s if the location is not convenient for public transport. All Megabrain ALTs are reimbursed for work-related transportation expenses. We discourage personal driving in China.

What are the working hours?

While Megabrain ALTs may be at institutions for up to 40 hours per week, their assigned teaching time will be 20-25 hours or less. The exact number of working hours will be determined by the placement the Megabrain ALT is assigned to.

General hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Tuesday through Saturday (observance of religious meetings on Sundays). Apart from attendance at special school events, Sundays and Mondays and public holidays are generally days off.

How many lessons will I teach each week?

Most Megabrain ALTs teach approximately 20 to 25 lessons per week, depending on the assigned institution. The remainder of their assigned work time includes preparing lessons and participating in designated activities with students, such as eating school lunch together. Depending on their institution, Megabrain ALTs may lead the class for the entire lesson time or for a portion of the lesson. During this time, there may be minimal input from the bilingual ALTs.

What training and resources will be available to me?

All new Megabrain ALTs are offered a comprehensive initial orientation and training program in which they receive information on adapting to life in China and training on teaching and working in the institutions. Megabrain maintains a website where lesson plans, flashcards, and other classroom tools are made available. Ongoing training and periodic observations allow trainers and experienced teachers to give further tips and advice to newer teachers.

What are the vacation periods?

Most Megabrain ALTs enjoy approximately 10 days of paid vacation days for a completed year of continuous employment. For those working in their first year they accumulate 0.75 day per month of completed work term. In China, we recommend that these days are used to cover days when you are sick. Christmas in China is not a public holiday so you may take vacations days off. Actual dates for all holiday periods will be determined by your schedule.

How long are the positions for?

Most Megabrain ALTs are offered 1 year contract. Positions that start in April or late August will last until April or August the following year.

How long do teachers stay with Megabrain?

Most teachers stay with Megabrain for 1-3 years. We have long term career development plan for those who demonstrate both educational and administrative abilities, and showed desire and drive.

How many schools will I visit?

Most Megabrain ALTs teach at one main “base” center/school and visit a number of other centers/schools. The average assignment is between two to three centers/ schools. You will receive your location assignment schedule after you have arrived in China.

What are the ages of the students?

Preschool and kindergarten students are between 3-6 years old and elementary school students are between 6 and 11 years old. Junior high school students are between 11 and 15 years old. High school students are between 15 to 18 years old.

What is the monthly salary?

Megabrain offers a salary ranging from $2,500 to $2,800 USD per calendar month depending on the position requirements and experience. More details on Megabrain’s salary structure will be available to those invited to a later-stage interview.

When is payday?

You will receive a monthly salary. In line with Chinese business practices, your salary is deposited into your account on the last day of the month. For example, your April salary is paid at the end of April. When payday falls on a weekend or national holiday, the salary is deposited into the account on the previous business trading day.

Depending on the starting date, the first salary will be received approximately two to four weeks after you start employment.

Does Megabrain offer Chinese lessons?

We do not offer Chinese lessons but Chinese culture classes. At certain locations we have a generous employee discount on Chinese language classes. Your local colleague will be happy to help you learn Chinese as well.