Megabrain Group promotes talented and gifted education programs in China and is a member of the world council.


Our Mission

Megabrain USA is committed to providing excellence in the fields of language and cross-cultural training. We are constantly striving to enhance our position as Greater China's foremost Gifted and Talented Education and early childhood English language training organization. Megabrain USA provides the teachers’ pool to our operations in China as well as to our partner organizations in Hong Kong and China.

We are headquartered in Provo, Utah and function as a recruitment center for the Megabrain group. We specialize in teacher orientation and training; logistics and visa processing; and after hire support. China's market has exploded in recent years, increasing the number of registered English language training centers/schools to over 200,000 facilities. Current numbers of native English-speaking teachers are in short supply. We strive to provide professional placement in Hong Kong and China with worry-free personal service. Our staff are experienced teachers that have either taught, or are currently teaching in Hong Kong and China.